No Hidden Fee Installment Loans You Can Pay Monthly

If you need a long term personal loan, but not from payday lenders, you can look at these licensed installment loan lenders with no hidden fees. These are lenders working round the clock who can offer an easy approval loan with monthly deadlines today.

People who have bad credit often find themselves being cut from access to competitive APR cash loans from traditional lenders. Banks tend to approve their highly advertised low fee cash advances only if you have a high FICO score. But you do not have to rely on these traditional lending companies if you want to get a 6 month personal loan.

The best advantage of a low payment installment loan – online private lenders can send cash securely to your checking account fast. Loans can be arranged to be paid back in monthly or biweekly schedules. When you do not want a 30 day cash advance because you find it too short a time to be useful to you, you can search online for personal loans with six month installment payments. Of course, it is also very important to make sure you choose a legitimate 1500 dollar loan with no hidden fees – such as early payment penalties if you are able to pay back in full ahead of your deadline.

Many of our users like to borrow $1,500 and pay back bi-weekly – a small fixed percentage of their pay checks. They can also choose to extend any payment if cash is tight for that period. Thus, long term emergency installment loan lenders are a better solution when you need money now but would like more time to slowly return the borrowed money month by month.

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